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A Wilmington, NC Workers’ Comp Attorney Debunks Common Myths
April 20, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Wilmington, NC workers' comp attorneys can help if your an independent contractor who needs to file a claim.

When you get hurt on the job, your coworkers might turn into workers’ comp armchair experts. You may get a lot of conflicting advice and struggle to sort through what’s true versus misunderstanding and hyperbole. In the past, you may have even passed advice on to coworkers, believing it to be accurate, only to find out later that you shared lousy information. Part of the confusion is because workers’ comp is different in every state. North Carolina, in particular, has strict, complicated laws that only an experienced Wilmington, NC workers’ comp attorney can help you understand.

Here are four common myths about workers’ comp laws.

You can wait as long as you want to file a workers’ comp claim.

Time is essential in workers’ comp claim cases. In North Carolina, workers have two years from the time of their injury to file their claim. Too many people wait until they’ve been out of work or have medical bills piling up before they get around to finding out what they need to file a claim.

It’s crucial to tell your employer as soon as you’re injured, both orally and in writing. Don’t wait to see if the pain from the injury goes away on its own, but be a proactive communicator and keep records of all your written communications.

Workers’ comp claims cover every cost caused by an injury or illness.

Workers’ comp will cover your medical bills and lost wages for time away from the job, starting the second week of missed work. Employees aren’t entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the injury. Most workers’ comp claims don’t result in a court case–employers and their insurers cover the appropriate costs, and employees return to work when they’re healthy.

When an insurance company denies a claim or doesn’t provide adequate compensation, that’s when employees must go to court to get the money they deserve.

You’re only eligible for workers’ comp if you work for a big company.

Small business employees who enjoy their job and like their employers may feel like workers’ comp is only for major corporations with plenty of money. But in North Carolina, the law requires any company with three or more employees to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance company covers healthcare costs and missed wages after an employee gets hurt or sick while on the job.

Even if it feels awkward to file a claim when you work closely with your employer, it’s essential to protect yourself and your family’s financial security in the future. Rising medical costs mean even minor injuries can cost you thousands, so it’s critical to do your due diligence filing a workers’ comp claim.

As an independent contractor, you can’t receive workers’ comp.

As an independent contractor or self-employed individual, you don’t get the same benefits as an employee, including coverage by workers’ comp insurance. However, as a contractor, it’s essential that you speak with a Wilmington, NC workers’ comp attorney because a court may find that your job title and duties actually make you an employee.

When that’s the case, even though you’re an independent contractor, you may still be eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits.

Call Rodzik Law Group, an experienced Wilmington, NC workers’ comp attorney, to find out the truth about your claim.

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