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When to hire personal injury lawyers in North Carolina
March 4, 2022 at 5:00 AM
Injured person using a crutch.

If you’ve been seriously injured due to someone else’s actions, you may be considering taking legal action against that person or group. But what category of personal injury does your case fall under?

Generally speaking, personal injury cases share one common theme: injury caused by intentional or negligent behavior. Many types of injuries may provide grounds for a legal case, like a car accident, an injury on someone else’s property due to hazardous conditions like a slippery floor, and even an intentional attack.

Consulting a lawyer to find out if it’s worth moving forward with your case is, of course, the best first move in this sort of situation. If you come in with a strong idea of what kind of case you may have, though, it may help an attorney make this determination and strengthen your case more easily.

That’s why in this article, you’ll learn more about the different types of cases you may have, including automobile accidents, injury due to negligence, and intentional injury.

Automobile accidents

If you’re a driver, the odds are fairly high that you’ll get into a car accident at some point in your life. Consequently, car accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury cases.

Not every car accident will be a severe case where you sustain substantial, life-altering injuries, but even minor collisions can lead to legal action. Small dents, scrapes, and other damage to your vehicle can still lead to hundreds of dollars in repair bills, and if it isn’t immediately clear or conclusive who’s at fault in the situation, there’s a good chance it could lead to an insurance or legal dispute.

Though they can be considered a category of their own due to the high volume and wide variance of circumstances under which they occur, car collisions are a type of personal injury case that can be a result of negligence, intention, or both.

Cases of negligence or recklessness may result from:

  • Texting and driving
  • Failure to keep up with scheduled repairs, maintenance, and check-ups

On the other hand (and depending on the circumstances), a case focused on intention injury could move forward based on:

  • Hit and runs
  • Head-on collisions

Negligence, intentional injury, and non-physical harm

When you sustain an injury due to circumstances created or improperly controlled by another person or entity, you may have grounds for a case of negligence.

Negligent injury can take a few different forms. Aside from situations that may take place in a car accident, this kind of case could arise due to circumstances like a lack of reasonable precautions for safety hazards on someone’s property or for a product you’ve been sold.

Where negligent injury is a more indirect sort of personal injury case, intentional injury may take the form of outright assault and battery or some other type of physical attack. This could range from something as simple as having your nose broken from a punch in the face to a more serious, complex matter like police misconduct.

Personal injury goes beyond just physical harm, too. If someone damages your reputation or inflicts serious mental or emotional trauma on you, they could still be liable for personal injury damages.

injured painful hand with bandage and medical pills on hand

Let Rodzik Law Group help you get compensated for your suffering

There’s a team of personal injury lawyers in North Carolina ready to help you get the compensation you deserve if you’ve found yourself in any of the situations described above.

Since 1999, Rodzik Law Group has helped countless clients recover funds from insurance companies after a variety of traumatic experiences. When you’ve been injured, you need a team on your side that’s ready to fight for you. Get our help by getting in touch or contacting us directly at 910-762-1199.