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What to expect when you contact an accident attorney
August 22, 2022 at 11:00 PM
Image of an overhead of a busy roadway where people in car accidents and need to talk to an accident attorney in North Carolina.

There’s no end to the things you have to take care of after you’re in a car accident. It can feel particularly unfair if the accident wasn’t your fault. You have to repair or potentially replace your car and use a rental vehicle in the meantime. You may need ongoing medical care for whiplash or other issues. Plus, you have to work with your insurance to try and get the money you need to handle everything. When you contact an accident attorney after getting in a wreck, they’ll step in with guidance, advice, and answers. Plus, they’ll get you the compensation you deserve to replace or repair your car and pay for your medical bills and time away from work. Here’s what to expect when you work with a North Carolina accident attorney.

Call as soon as you get into a wreck.

In North Carolina, you have until three years after an accident to sue the other party for damages. Still, waiting that long is inadvisable, especially if the other party doesn’t have insurance.

In many accidents, the other party has adequate insurance that offers an equitable settlement for the damage to the vehicle, medical expenses, and time away from work. However, without an accident attorney advocating for you, the insurance company may offer a low or unfair settlement.

By calling as soon as you get into a wreck, you get the benefit of experience at your side. A personal injury lawyer can offer advice about handling your medical expenses and car repair and will contact the other driver’s insurance company for you.

Start with a free consultation.

During the initial, free consultation, a car accident attorney will ask a series of questions to understand the accident, who was at fault, and whether suing is right for you. A consultation is your opportunity to ask the attorney questions about their experience and for advice about pursuing a civil case against the other driver.

Because personal injury attorneys have helped countless people following car accidents, they’re in a position to offer support and give clear answers in a situation that feels overwhelming and confusing. Ask for their guidance when it comes to:

  • Where to take your car for repairs
  • Doctors for medical evaluations and follow-up care
  • Steps to take with your employer if you need to miss work

Car accident attorneys in North Carolina are experts in handling wrecks and their aftermath in and out of the courtroom.

Let an accident attorney handle the rest.

Once you hire an accident attorney, they’ll take charge of the scheduling, negotiation, and legal filings to fight to get you the compensation you deserve after an accident. When you contact an attorney soon after your car accident, you benefit from their network and experience. Get seasoned expertise when finding doctors and a mechanic you can trust.

Instead of stressing about whether you’ll be able to pay for the care and repairs on your vehicle, an attorney will handle dealing with the other driver’s insurance or suing uninsured drivers.

Call the accident attorneys with Rodzik Law Group after a wreck.

Since 1999, Rodzik Law Group has recovered over $100 million for our clients*. We’re experienced in car accidents, slip and fall cases, all personal injury and worker’s comp. We have 30 years of experience in personal law, successfully recovering settlements from small cases all the way up to multi-million dollar recoveries. Our team is here when you’re facing mounting debt from medical care and missing work, ready to help you fight to get the compensation you deserve. When in a car accident, don’t wait for experienced help; we help our clients obtain rental cars paid for by the insurance company and provide free assistance with your wrecked vehicle.

After you’re in a car wreck, call to schedule a same-day consultation with an accident attorney in North Carolina.