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What kind of evidence does an NC auto accident lawyer look for in your case?
August 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
What kind of evidence does an NC auto accident lawyer look for in your case?

Big or small, a car accident is a traumatic experience. Not only are you dealing with the trauma that comes with the incident, but there are also a lot of things that need to be taken care of after. From auto body repairs to working with your insurance company to putting together a case in the defense of your role, it takes an experienced team to ensure that you’re taken care of. At Rodzik Law Group, we can help you with the legal aspects of your NC auto accident lawyer. We’ll help you deal with your insurance company and the insurance company of the other driver as well as their lawyer.

Like in any case, we’re going to need evidence to properly fight your side of the story. You can help with some but we’ll do most of the heavy lifting. Read below to see some of the things that we’ll be looking for.

Witness and driver statements

It’s not uncommon for police officers to take statements of both drivers at the scene of an accident. While this can be an effective method to gaining an understanding of what happened, there is a phenomenon called post-traumatic amnesia. This is when you can’t remember what just happened in the events right before or after the car accident. Your mind essentially blocks out the events of the accident so you don’t remember them. The memory of the accident can eventually come back, but the details might be a little fuzzy.

Those who witnessed the car accident will provide some of the most valuable statements in the accident case. They can provide an unbiased outside perspective regarding what exactly happened. Your NC auto accident lawyer will speak with witnesses regarding what they saw and might bring them into the courts to provide their statement if necessary.

Photographs or videos

Photographic or video evidence of an accident and the damage that resulted can be a good source of backing up your claim. For instance, if you were hit on the side of your vehicle but the other driver claims that you hit them, photos that show the damage that you’re explaining will verify that. Photos will also be used to display damage to your vehicle when you submit a claim to your insurance company.

In some cases, there will be video cameras from nearby businesses or street cameras that captured the accident. Your lawyer will work to obtain these videos whenever possible to ensure that they can put together the best defense for your case.

Expert witnesses

Expert witnesses can be called to explain exactly how the accident happened and who was at fault. They can recreate the incident to show a demonstration of how it unfolded. This gives insight as to who could be at fault as well as explain the extent of the injuries. In addition to car accident experts, medical professionals can be called in to verify the legitimacy of your injuries and support your claims.

Police reports

The police officers at the scene of the accident will be required to fill out a report that includes their own statement of everything they saw and statements of drivers and witnesses. These will be consulted to back up your claim of driver fault as these statements are most often gathered immediately after the accident has happened.

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