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Things to keep in mind when hiring a law firm in Wilmington, NC for your injury
July 21, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Things to keep in mind when hiring a law firm in Wilmington, NC for your injury

When you’re injured as a result of another person’s negligence, it’s important to get an attorney right away to help you put together a claim. You will want to try to avoid being responsible for any medical bills or car repairs and an experienced legal team can help you fight for that result. At Rodzik Law Group, we know that there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when considering different law firms in Wilmington, NC.


An experienced attorney will know exactly how to approach your unique case. While most cases have similarities to previous cases, yours will likely have circumstances that haven’t been seen before. An experienced attorney will be able to take into account your situation and compare it to other cases they’ve worked on. This makes it easier to put together a strong case on your behalf.

Good reputation

An attorney who has a good reputation among their peers and the court system can do a lot to paint you in a favorable light in the eyes of the judge and jury should your lawsuit go to court. Before you hire an attorney, speak with other attorneys in the area and those who have worked directly with the attorney you’re considering. Learn more about how they're viewed within the community and the industry before you hire your attorney.


Has your prospective attorney had much success fighting injury cases like yours? What about success in general? Ask about a prospective attorney’s track record and how many cases they’ve won over the course of their career. This will give you insight into how likely they are to put together a winning case for you as well as their level of confidence.

Can handle your specific case

It’s important to have an in-depth conversation with a prospective attorney because you need to know if they’re confident handling your specific case. As you get to know the lawyer, pay attention to how they react to your side of the story and what exactly happened.

Good reviews

We live in a day and age where we can easily get recommendations from hundreds and thousands of people without ever leaving the comfort of our own homes. Look online for reviews about an injury attorney you’re considering hiring. Previous clients will often leave honest reviews about their experience whether it was good or bad. Keep in mind that a previous client is often more likely to take the time to leave a poor review than a positive one. This means that the positive reviews often carry more weight than the negatives.

Get in touch with us

If you’re searching for an attorney to fight your injury case, reach out to Rodzik Law Group today. We’d love to have a conversation and let you get to know us better. Our team is proud to serve as one of the top injury law firms in Wilmington, NC, and look forward to fighting for you. Contact us by calling 910-762-1199 and our staff will help you set up an appointment.