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Steps to Take After a North Carolina Car Accident
July 1, 2021 at 4:00 AM

A North Carolina car accident lawyer understands the challenges drivers face while navigating the highways and roads in the area. Driving in North Carolina can sometimes be hazardous. With all the traffic you might encounter, there is a chance you could get into an accident. People are often distracted while driving or drive under the influence, leading to even more dangerous conditions on the road. Whether you were in a car accident due to someone breaking a traffic law or the accident occurred because someone was negligent, you need to know what to do next. Here are five steps to take when getting into a car accident in North Carolina.

Call for Help

Although you may feel overwhelmed by what just happened in the car accident, it’s crucial to call for help — if you are physically able to. Law enforcement officials can help document the accident before the cars are moved or people have left the scene. Make sure to fill out all necessary reports.

Document the Accident

While you are waiting for help to arrive, take down some notes about what happened. That way, you will have a clear record of the exact happenings of the accident. You can do a video recording, jot down notes on a phone app or paper, and take pictures of car positions. This material may be invaluable to your North Carolina car accident lawyer.

Talk to Witnesses

If you notice people standing around, you could ask them if they witnessed the accident. If so, would they be willing to say what happened in case of a dispute? Get their name and number so you can give it to your lawyer. 

Get a Physical Check

Often, people don’t really think they are suffering from a car accident. Maybe they don’t “feel” any injuries at the moment. However, later on, they will begin experiencing pain and suffering. It’s crucial to get checked out right away so you will have a clear record of care established. Also, some people don’t see hidden wounds or fractures that only show up on X-rays.

Get in Touch with a North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

Take time to contact a North Carolina car accident lawyer. They will assist you in trying to recover the losses you incurred. If you try to obtain damages on your own, you risk not being as successful. A North Carolina car accident lawyer knows the various laws to help you secure compensation. You may be able to collect for damages such as:

  • Medical expenses, including hospital bills, doctor visits, prescriptions, and other assistive aids
  • Lost income from being away from work
  • Future disability payments, if applicable
  • Emotional and mental pain and suffering
  • Other miscellaneous damages

Your North Carolina car accident lawyer will discuss which of the above damages apply to your case and how much you might be able to secure for your accident.

Next Steps

Rodzik Law Group is an established practice in North Carolina. We have been helping clients collect compensation in the area of personal injury for more than 28 years. Our record of success has brought our clients over $100 million dollars since 1999.* Our dedicated team is prepared to take on your car accident case and fight for your rights to compensation.

Take the first step in seeking compensation for your car accident by reaching out to our law practice. Whether we negotiate a fair settlement for you or take it all the way to court, you can count on our attorneys to have your best interests at heart. Contact us today by calling (910) 762-1199.