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Should You Hire a North Carolina Slip and Fall Lawyer?
September 4, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Should You Hire a North Carolina Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Before you file a lawsuit over a slip and fall injury, you should consider whether the time and effort will be well spent. Litigation can often be stressful, time-consuming, and extremely expensive. We’ll discuss more about slip and fall cases and how a North Carolina slip and fall attorney can help you.

Ways a North Carolina slip and fall lawyer can help you

There are several things that a North Carolina slip and fall lawyer can do to help you if you decide to file an insurance claim or take your case to court.

1. Establish liability in a slip and fall case

A slip and fall lawyer can investigate your case to determine and demonstrate liability on the part of a business or property owner. They can assess the circumstances behind your fall and determine if the owner or manager of the property contributed to the circumstances or if it was an unavoidable accident.

2. Prevent you from accepting an unfair settlement

Insurance companies tend to offer an initial settlement after the victim makes a claim. Hiring a North Carolina slip and fall lawyer can ensure that the settlement provided fairly compensates them for their losses. They can also help make sure that a settlement accounts for their losses in the future if they have to take time off work.

If the accident leaves you permanently disabled or unable to work, a lawyer can negotiate an amount that would cover the cost of treatment and diminished earning capacity.

3. Represent your slip and fall case if it goes to trial

If you’re unsatisfied with the insurance company’s offer, your slip and fall lawyer can help you file a personal injury lawsuit. They can help you comply with deadlines, such as your state’s statute of limitations, and handle the necessary paperwork.

Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and anytime — and result in serious injuries. These incidents typically cause hip fractures and head injuries, two conditions that can result in temporary or permanent disability for the victim.

Some accidents are avoidable, while others aren’t. When a property is unsafe, visitors and guests may suffer a slip and fall incident as a result. In these cases, the property owner becomes responsible for covering the cost of their injuries.

Slip and fall scenarios that could occur through negligence include:

  • Failure to maintain the property
  • Failure to replace a broken handrail on a stairway
  • Failure to properly secure carpets or rugs so that no tears or wrinkles trip a guest
  • Failure to remove obstructions in the past of the guests
  • Failure to prevent a leak that leaves a puddle on the floor
  • Failure to address a reported concern of a safety hazard on the property

Even though these scenarios may not seem dangerous, they can lead to dire consequences for others.

Consult an experienced North Carolina slip and fall lawyer now

If you suffered a slip and fall accident and want to file a lawsuit, you need the guidance of an attorney to better understand your case and how much money you could be entitled to. Get in touch with Rodzik Law Group now to talk to a North Carolina slip-and-fall lawyer about your case.