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Should I get a North Carolina car accident lawyer?
April 25, 2022 at 4:00 AM
Car parked on the street destroyed by falling tree due to storm.

A car crash can be an expensive accident for a multitude of reasons. Damage to your vehicle or someone else’s may, in itself, amount to a hefty repair bill. When someone’s injured, any other property is damaged in the process, or one party involved in the incident is disputing or making claims of fault, another major expense may enter into the situation: legal fees. But not every situation may obviously call for the services of a lawyer.

In some cases, the circumstances of the accident may not spur anyone on to seek damages or file a claim against anyone else. This may be the case if vehicle damage isn’t particularly severe or if no one was seriously injured as a result of the accident. If this is the case and if it’s clear who, if anyone, can be held at fault for the incident, insurance companies may be more likely to provide compensation without issue.

That being said, it’s unwise not to consult an attorney and take the proper steps after an accident, no matter how the events during and after the incident occurred. Not all may be as it seems in the immediate aftermath of the situation, and if you aren’t staying on top of every major element that could come back to cause you legal trouble in the future, you may be setting yourself up for serious problems without realizing it.

That’s why in this blog post, we’re going to take a deeper dive into some of the reasons people may believe they wouldn’t require the services of an attorney following a car accident, why it’s still worthwhile to speak to one, and some steps to take that’ll help both you and the attorney you consult determine whether it’s worth retaining their services to pursue a claim or cover yourself legally.

Is there any circumstance in which you don’t need a lawyer?

As mentioned previously, if everyone involved in the accident seems to be amicable, wasn’t seriously injured, and no serious damage seems to have been caused to nearby people or property as the incident unfolded, many people may believe there’s no need to talk to a lawyer or hire one. So long as fault for the accident is clear and insurers are providing the compensation the drivers involved in the crash are due, there may seem to be no problem.

This line of thinking could easily put you in a vulnerable position if the situation isn’t as minor as it seemed at first glance. Injuries that didn’t previously seem serious may turn out to be major ones upon closer examination, and a closer look at the facts of the incident may lead another driver’s insurers or attorney to determine that you’re at fault and that there may be grounds for a personal injury claim.

Steps to take before retaining an attorney

Since you can’t be sure how the situation following a car accident will change, it’s crucial to pay close attention to a few key elements at the scene. We’ve written about these steps before as essential ones to follow before speaking with an attorney, as they’ll help establish the facts of the case, whether you have grounds to pursue a claim, or whether you’re at risk for having one filed against you. They include:

  • Calling the police and your insurer
  • Exchanging contact and insurance information with other drivers
  • Getting immediate medical attention
  • Establishing your version of events, ideally in written form
  • Avoiding discussion of the accident or potential fault on your part with anyone other than your attorney

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