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How Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Wilmington, NC Can Help You
March 21, 2021 at 12:00 AM
Lady Justice statue at offices of personal injury attorney in Wilmington, NC.

Injury can disrupt your life in many ways. If the cause was someone else’s negligence, you deserve to receive compensation. But trying to recover it without representation is a difficult and complex process.

Hiring a personal injury attorney in Wilmington, NC can help you with managing this trying time and especially with receiving fair compensation.

After representing clients in personal injury cases for over 26 years at the Rodzik Law Group, we’ve seen how those with representation are at an advantage.

Here are some reasons why hiring a personal injury attorney can benefit you as you proceed with filing a claim.

Help with getting medical attention

The first priority after you’ve suffered an injury is getting proper care so you can recover and return to your normal way of life. A personal injury attorney can make this easier by arranging for you to receive proper medical attention.

And your attorney can also start filing your claim while you’re receiving care, advancing your case immediately after the incident.

By hiring a personal injury attorney, you make it possible to focus on your health. All the while, you’ll have the confidence that your case is being handled.

Legal coverage

In most cases you can expect them to put up a fight. Without representation of your own, you’re likely to find the ensuing legal battles difficult and stressful.

A personal injury attorney provides you strong legal backing. They’re also skilled at interpreting fine print that can be confusing and intimidating to someone without a lawyer.

And if the offending party in your case is a large corporation, you’ll be going up against a team of experienced lawyers. While you likely don’t have the time and resources to adequately defend yourself in such a mismatched situation, retaining a personal injury attorney levels the field.

Saves you time

Filing a personal injury claim by yourself is a long and taxing process. You have to request documentation such as medical records, medical bills, and police records. In addition to obtaining those documents, you also need to review them so you can prepare your case.

For most people outside the legal field, these are unfamiliar processes. And they’re made more daunting by the fact that you’ll still have responsibilities to take care of. Your injury may have also made it more difficult to go about your daily life.

Hiring a personal injury attorney means you can leave these complicated procedures to someone who has experience dealing with them. At the same time, you’ll be able to avoid making errors that the offending party’s lawyer can leverage to weaken your claim.

Increases the likelihood of a fair settlement

Corporations and insurance companies may try to take advantage of you by making an offer that falls far below what you deserve. Usually, this decision is motivated by a belief that you’re unable to respond.

When you start working with a personal injury attorney, they’ll analyze your case within its unique circumstances and give you an estimate of what it’s worth. You’ll be able to tell when you’re made an offer that doesn’t match the loss and pain you’ve suffered.

And your attorney can make a thoroughly reasoned and defensible argument against the offer, getting you closer to a fair settlement.

Should the case eventually go to trial, having a personal injury attorney makes it likelier that you’ll get a positive outcome.

Hire a personal injury attorney in Wilmington, NC and fight for the compensation you deserve

We’ve represented personal injury claimants for over 26 years, helping them recover compensation. We can closely examine your situation, file a claim on your behalf, and fight for what you deserve. Call us today at 910-762-1199 or visit our offices.