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Can Every Law Firm in Wilmington Help With My Workers Comp Case?
September 10, 2023 at 4:00 AM
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When it comes to workers' compensation cases, not every law firm in Wilmington will be able to help you. Some of the larger law firms advertise on commercials and billboards. With a large team of lawyers and guarantees, big law firms can appeal to someone who’s been injured on the job and seeking worker’s compensation. But you should honestly know what a large law firm offers compared to a small one.

This article will explain what large law firms provide clients and what other options you have that may be better suited for your case.

1. Legal fees

While most law firms have the same expenses, such as staff salaries, office space, and utilities, larger law firms have more overhead than smaller law firms. This means that larger law offices will often charge you more for your case for the same amount of work, often billing you administrative fees or by hour.

Because small law firms have lower overhead, most work on a contingency basis, which means their fees are a predetermined percentage of their client’s settlement compensation. So, if there is no financial compensation, no attorney fees are assessed.

2. Access to your workers’ compensation attorney

With big law firms, you may be one of several clients that an attorney is handling. Your primary interaction will likely be with a paralegal, legal assistant, or customer service associate instead of the attorney representing you. It’s also not unusual for a large firm to outsource to local attorneys.

When too many people handle a court case, miscommunication can occur, leading to issues with your claim. Smaller law firms have fewer attorneys, which means that whoever you hire will know the details of your case. They will also be with you throughout the entire duration of your case and answer any questions that you have about your case personally.

3. Chances of winning

If your worker’s compensation case doesn’t have the chance of winning or the potential for a significant payout, a larger law firm will likely not take your case. And if it does decide to work with you, it may not receive the attention it deserves, as larger law firms prioritize cases that have a greater chance of winning and payout.

The outcome of your case likely means a lot to you. You may have suffered a significant injury at work and deserve a payout. If a smaller firm accepts your case, you can be sure that they will be fully committed to helping you achieve the results you want and deserve.

4. Worker’s compensation law specialization

If your workers’ compensation case is complex, a more prominent law firm may be a wise choice. But if you are looking for a law firm that specializes in worker’s compensation cases and nothing else, a small firm may work better for you. You want to ensure that whoever you hire knows the ins and outs of worker’s compensation law.

Do you need a workers’ comp lawyer in Wilmington, NC?

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