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What to do after you get into an auto accident
June 30, 2022 at 5:00 AM
Contact a Wilmington auto accident lawyer if you have been injured in a collision

Getting into a car or motorcycle accident is not something that any of us want to think about, however the reality is, it happens to thousands of drivers across the country every day. For this reason, it is important to educate yourself on the steps that need to be taken immediately after a collision. This will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses and make a full recovery.

At Rodzik Law Group, our Wilmington auto accident lawyers are dedicated to helping victims throughout the process of filing a claim and obtaining full compensation for their injuries. We understand how traumatic an auto accident can be, which is why we want our clients to know that they have our full support.

By taking the right steps after an auto accident, you will have a much better chance of recovering the cost of damages, medical bills, and more. Continue reading to learn a few tips that we have provided to protect you in the event of a collision for which you are not at fault.

Take pictures of the scene

One of the most powerful ways in which you can help your case is by gathering as much evidence as possible to prove who was at fault, along with the extent of the damages. This way, when you file for compensation, you will be able to provide ample evidence to support your claim. In many cases, it is difficult to determine which driver was truly at fault after an accident has occurred and both parties have left the scene. By doing your due diligence, you will have proof if the wrongdoer attempts to create an alternate narrative during litigation.

Exchange insurance and contact information

Following an auto accident, assuming the other driver pulls to the side of the road, it is crucial to exchange information before going your separate ways. Request both their insurance policy number as well as a name and personal phone number so that you can guarantee you have a way of contacting them. During traumatic moments such as these, many people make the mistake of accepting a phone number without requesting an official document or taking down the license plate number. It is impossible to predict whether or not a wrongdoer will give you an accurate name and phone number, which means you may not have any recourse after the person has driven off.

Call the authorities

Immediately contacting the police is another way to gather evidence that will strengthen your personal injury claim. Having unbiased witnesses who can report on the damages directly after a collision will add transparency to your case. Even if damages appear to be minor, do not hesitate to call the police.

Contact a personal injury lawyer

Your next step after gathering necessary information is to call an auto accident lawyer. The sooner you do this, the faster you can obtain compensation for your injury. Accident attorneys will walk you through all necessary steps following a collision. This is another reason why we recommend contacting a lawyer right away, so that victims do not rush to pay for medical expenses out of pocket.

If you are injured in a collision, do not hesitate to contact our auto accident lawyers in Wilmington. Our legal team is standing by, waiting to hear from you.